Another Hiatus Post (and my game)

I thought I’d plug what I’ve been working on these past months. It’s not an RPG per say, nor is it even made in RPG Maker. Though it does contain a lot of aspects of those things (Top down perspective, tile based, dialogue text, exploration oriented). It’s a Survival Horror game with an emphasis on inventory management and navigating through underground areas:

>> Click Here << to check out the Steam store page (Wishlists appreciated)

The core gameplay is a huge love letter to Resident Evil (the original specifically). Past the first game I never felt they really nailed the balance of having just enough ammo to defeat the necessary enemies. Obviously as Resident Evil rose in popularity there were other gameplay avenues and trends to consider. But as someone came into the series really late (2015) first picking up the REmake on gamecube, I couldn’t find any other game that matched the way item pick ups changed the way you explored the environment (even games way before RE4 barely bother with this). I realized most other Survival Horror games really just cared about the story, pacing or puzzles (which is fine!).

My goal with this game isn’t merely to scratch an itch relating to one specific game. There are a lot of ideas I mixed in because I thought they’d change the flavor of the typical genre I’m working in. The setting is very much a post-apocalyptic underground scenario in which you just wander around and discover the history for yourself. A big inspiration is the manga BLAME! In which the plot is somewhat scarce with some intrigue throughout, but the substance is in the background, the strange spaces that unfold in the panels.

BLAME! A manga that has developed a cult following over the years

There’s a certain feeling I can’t describe that I want to recreate in an interactive fashion. Though I don’t know if I’ll be successful or if it’s even possible to convey. It falls somewhere in the camp between appropriating German Expressionism and wandering around abandoned areas IRL.

If this sounds like a value proposition to you then I hope you’re one of many. I want to find out that I’m not isolated in my search for a game like this, it just so happens I decided to make it myself. Somewhere along the way a lot of Sci-fi RPGMaker games have probably influenced my sensibilities in how the maps were constructed and laid out.

Anyway I’m pretty close to release and things have been busy. So that’s why I don’t have much extra time other than to promote it and constantly think about the launch.

Appreciate any support and don’t forget to wishlist!

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