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There are many games on RMN, and it’s seen as the last bastion of what can be called a proper RPGMaker database. But there are also many forgotten games made in RPGmaker. There is often demand for games that people remember but don’t quite have obvious hosting or download. The recovery process relies on a few number of individuals to still have a download lying around on a hard disk drive somewhere. Then it’ll likely be hosted on some mediafire variant until it shuts down and the cycle continues. I used to manage a list that would keep track of these uploads (now headed by LordBlueRouge), and throughout the years the need for preservation becomes more apparent. Anything can happen to these downloads and there is very little trace of them other than a title. The initiative for this blog is to simply preserve these games more visually and descriptively.

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The Holy Master List of Games


Time is money and I decided to put a little bit of time to simply document the first 10-30 minutes of gameplay to any random game I stumble across on this list. Every interval or so I’ll write an impression blurb and upload at least 3 screenshots of a given game. The games will be picked mostly at random or whatever has been on the mind. The whole point of this is to “imprint” these games better into the internet lexicon. I wish there was a better way of organizing it, but the organization will come later. This is just my automated way of documenting what’s there. Feel free to spread anything I post, quote my blurbs, anything that will help even the smallest of games be valid a little more longer. Most of these are RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003 games made within the English speaking communities that are mostly defunct now.

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